Wetspot over the years have made a conscious effort to donate to those that are unfortunate or in need. It has been a pleasure over the years to donate to the CFA, Ambulance Australia, Disability Victoria, but the most memorable of the lot are the ones we have featured on this site.

OXFAM – We have donated to Oxfam Australia the last two years running and it has been a pleasure to support our team throughout the journey. We would like to thank them for their efforts and we look forward to sponsoring you for many years to come.

FOX FM ( 200k for 200 kids ) – Wetspot had great pleasure in donating $5000 to this cause and in return we had our logo printed on Jo Stanley chest. Least we say it was great to see Jo wearing our logo with pride. However the greatest joy was seeing the the children benefit from this day and the enjoyment they had playing at LunaPark. In the end Fox Fm raised over $400k which was a great achievement considering that the target was $200k. It was a credit to the FOX FM team and the city of Melbourne for hosting this event. We look forward to donating to more of these fundraisers for years to come.

200k for 200 Kids

Ox Fam

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