About Us


Established in 1998, Wetspot have become one of the largest and most trusted Waterproofing,Melbourn-airport-t2 (6)
Tiling and Stone contractors throughout Victoria, Queensland & South Australia.

Being a well established company throughout Australia, Wetspot Consolidated has aligned itself with
Australia’s leading product manufacturers which in turn gives our clientele confidence that the products being used are of high standard and comply with the necessary Australian Standards.


Wetspot has objectives that are met by all of our

These objectives are:

  • That we ensure our clients projects are successful  and meet time frame, cost and quality targets.
  • Establishing a solid and professional relationship with our clients by satisfying client objectives.
  • Increasing Profit efficiency, performance and cost effectiveness by continuously improving our systems and construction methods.
  • Providing employment opportunities by expanding company resourses.

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